Why? Because you like surprises (and so do I, duh!) I mean, let’s be honest, the best surprises involve a bottle of champagne, maybe some confetti, but I’d settle for a cute puppy or even a midday nap if I had to. 

Hey, I knew I liked you!

So, why did I want you to click here? Well, because I knew that if you did, I would like you (and when I like someone, I REALLY like them.) Like, you’re pretty much next on my list to get grab a happy hour cocktail and talk about the latest episode of The Bachelor. 

Since I like you so much, it only seems right to share something I was surprised by last year (and I mean super surprised by.) There are over 1.8 BILLION people in the world drinking dirty water. Wait, what? You weren’t expecting me to talk about this? 

Here’s what I wanted to share with you here: I truly believe that WE can make a difference. In 2015 I went on two mission trips with Healing Waters and saw firsthand how ridiculously detrimental clean water can be. I’m sure you’d be surpised to hear that your standard every morning routine uses up to 20 gallons of clean water… 20 GALLONS (this is partially why I am a giant advocate for dry shampoo and less showers… that and I’m just incredibly lazy.) 

Surprise you? Well, I hope to do that because I’m about to formally invite you to join me in my goal of changing some of these shocking statistics.                               has a model that cares for the community holistically. This means they aren’t just going to give a community clean water and wish them the best. We want to see their entire community transformed physically, socially, economically, and spiritually. Their goal? To empower the locals so that the projects are sustainable and provide long-lasting development in the community.

Since this organization has changed my life, I wanted to invite you to change others lives. Whether it be through prayer, mindfulness in your water use, or in joining me in my goal to fully fund an entire water project each and every year. When you give $25 a month for a year, you will provide 25 women and children with access to safe, clean water and vital health & hygiene education. That means over the course of a year, 1 woman here can transform the lives of 25 women there!


A portion of every dollar we earn goes to Healing Waters, and I'm thrilled that we have been able to contribute over 10k this year toward clean water and hygiene for sweet, deserving kids (and families!) Whether you contribute money or mindfulness in your water use, let's join together and make a difference! 


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